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Party building, fertile soil, pioneering

—Runtai Chemical’s “Building for the Democratic Party” brand report

brand name

Party building, fertile soil, pioneering

First, the brand building background

In order to stimulate the internal motivation and innovation ability of the grassroots party organizations, mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of the majority of party members and cadres and workers, and promote the transformation, upgrading and scientific development of enterprises. In recent years, the party committee of Runtai Chemical Co., Ltd. has closely integrated the work of the enterprise center, and innovated and carried out the party building brand creation activities under the theme of “Party Jianrun and the pioneers of the fertile soil” among the majority of party members, and built the main battlefield for the majority of party members to consciously integrate into the enterprise development. The effective platform has provided a strong organizational guarantee for Runtai Chemical to overcome difficulties and develop against the trend.

Second, the main innovation initiatives

(1) Brand concept

Coordinate the multi-party relationship between party organizations and enterprises, party organizations and employees. The party branch of the enterprise is the assistant of the production and operation of the enterprise, the protagonist of the construction of the enterprise spiritual civilization, giving full play to the role of the party members as the model to lead the formation of the party organization and the enterprise, the harmonious development of the enterprise and the employees, and the win-win situation.

(2) Main measures

1. Build a strong leadership system

Establish a leading group for party building brand work, and implement leaders and specific staff. The establishment of party building brand work is an important measure to strengthen the building of grassroots party organizations. It is necessary to fully understand the importance and necessity of carrying out the creation activities, clarify the tasks and tasks, and link up and down to ensure that the creation activities are carried out in a solid and effective manner.

2. Build a management system to promote regulation

The daily management of party members has been refined into five aspects: the development of party members, the construction of party organizations, the collection of party fees, the service of party members, and the typical driving. They have defined specific requirements, quantified assessment indicators, and strengthened the implementation of the system to promote the more standardized daily management of party members.

3. Build a mission system to create a brand

In accordance with the requirements of the regularization of party members' education, the diversification of mission platforms, the standardization of position construction, and the specialization of party building propaganda, we will strengthen the daily education of party members and the propaganda of party building work, enhance the cohesiveness of party building work, and cultivate the ranks of party members and cadres who have made contributions based on their posts, and promoted the party building leader. The role, the role of the bastion of the branch, and the effective role of the vanguard and exemplary role of the party members have led to a new road of party building with the characteristics of Runtai.

4. Develop special activities to create a brand

In the process of creating the party building brand, we pay attention to exerting our own individuality. The party branch of the company plays the advantages of party members, party activists and employees, and carries out various special activities through various forms to create a characteristic party building brand that is truly suitable for the company's development. Constantly innovating.

Third, the work results

(1) Improve the party organization and strengthen the education and training of party members

In July 2012, the party branch was established. Every year, 1-2 party activists became targets of development. There are now 12 official party members in the branch. In March 2017, the branch was re-elected and a new branch committee was elected.

Party branch secretary, chairman Zhang Shiyuan, and general manager Xue Hetai personally presided over the party members and cadres' 19th report conference, preached the spirit of the 19th report, and discussed "How modern enterprises adapt to the new era and strive to make new contributions."

On July 1, the party branch held an event to commemorate the 96th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. Invited Shen Zhonghua, deputy director of the former People's Congress of Jiangyan District, to give a party lesson to the party members of the company, "not forgetting the original heart, preserving the true nature", revisiting the oath of joining the party and strengthening the ideals and beliefs of communism. The event was listed as an excellent party day event by the party organization at a higher level.

Comrade Cui Wei made a speech in the Xuzhou training class on behalf of the party branch for the "Scientific Leading and Boosting Development" experience. It was highly praised by the provincial leaders and peers, and highly praised the chairman's emphasis on corporate culture.

Adhere to the "three sessions and one lesson" system, reform the party class learning form, establish party members E network group, conduct network party class study, and solve the problem that party members work scattered and it is difficult to concentrate on party classes.

(II) Serving the professional development of employees and improving the quality of employees

The company's party branch and the district party school jointly organized junior college and undergraduate degree upgrading classes, and 47 employees received free study and improved the overall quality of the staff. Leading the training of excellent staff star rating standards, through the creation of a platform for employees to improve their quality in learning, growth in practice, and participate in the formulation of the company's long-term talent development plan, smooth the professional development channel of employees.

(3) Establishing a benign corporate culture

The Party branch actively carried out educational and learning activities of "three strictness and three realities" and "two academics and one doing", strengthened party spirit education, and enhanced party members' political and ideological consciousness. The Party branch earnestly studied and implemented the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the spirit of the important speeches of the General Secretary of the General Assembly, and led the enterprises to form the Runtai family style of "honesty, time-honored, peace of mind, quality and integrity". The party branch led all party members and staff. All the people are united, listen to the party's words, go with the party, and build a beautiful home for the company. Under the coordination of the party branch, in recent years, the annual income of employees has been maintained at 12%, and the turnover rate of key talents is controlled below 2%. Invest more than 1 million yuan to build new dormitory for employees, improve working and living conditions, strengthen employee labor protection, create a special staff bookstore and employee activity center, spend millions of yuan to hold employee games, entertainment and other activities to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of employees. The establishment of difficult party members and employee assistance funds has sent help funds to many difficult party members and employees, so that employees can truly realize "happy work and worry-free life." Paired with Changqiao Village, Baimi Town, and recruited families with difficulties to enter the company to help the poor. The self-improvement service center jointly established with the Judicial Bureau of Jiangyan District has effectively solved the problems of employment and education reform of many community prisoners and actively fulfilled their social responsibilities.

(4) Cracking the key and difficult issues and promoting the scientific development of enterprises

In the company to set up party members Pioneer Post, party members model posts, party members responsibility area, party members take the lead in taking the responsibility, take the lead in providing advice and taking the lead in completing the task. According to the needs of research and development, the “Party Technical Research Team” was established to help the company solve the technical problems 20 projects and generate direct or indirect economic benefits of millions of yuan. In the past year, 80% of the company’s hard-to-find projects were completed under the leadership of party members.

Fourth, the secretary's testimony

The “Building for the Democratic Party” brand creation activities set up a platform for the branch to play the role of fighting fortress and the party members to play a vanguard and exemplary role. Brand is the focus of party building work. In the process of implementing the brand building of “Party building and fertile soil, pioneering and leading”, we continue to enrich the brand connotation and enable it to realize the political, economic and social benefits of the party building brand to a greater extent. Unification, achieving sustainable development and harmonious development of the company. In the future work, we will continue to improve and innovate, and strive to build a non-public party building brand with Runtai characteristics.