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Runtai shares five-year strategic goal (2020-2024)

First: make small companies into big companies, and make big companies into everyone's companies! Realize IPO listing.

Second: Speed ​​up capital operations, deepen international cooperation, and build three bases. (Runtai Taixing, Runtai UAE, Runtai United States);

Third: Stabilize the central government and spur two wings; strive to double in two years and quadruple in five years. (Central: water-based paint additives; two wings: plasticizer industry, environmental protection solvent industry; strive for 1 billion in 2021, 2 billion in 2024);

Runtai shares 10-year strategic goal (2020-2029)

First, achieve the "1, 3, 5" goals

In the next ten years, the revenue target will strive from 1 billion to 3 billion to 5 billion;

Second, to achieve the "100 billion" goal

In the next ten years, the employees holding shares will become millions, tens of millions, and billionaires;

Runtai shares long-term strategic goals

Strive to become one of the top 100 enterprises in the global chemical industry.

Runtai Taixing 10115 plan for the next five years

Achieve the first of more than 10 indicators in the park in the next five years

01. Sales per capita 02. Profits and taxes per capita 03. Salaries per capita 04. Corporate culture 05. Corporate environment

06. Enterprise Party Building 07. Enterprise Trade Union 08. Enterprise Patent Number 09. Enterprise Market Value

10. Proportion of college degree or above, etc.

Runtai Nantong Development Strategy for the Next Five Years

2020: The driers will be put into production, with a revenue of 100 million yuan and a profit of 6 million yuan;

2022: The new project is put into operation, with a revenue of 200 million yuan and a profit of 13 million yuan;

2024: 400 million in revenue and 30 million in profit.

Runtai UAE Development Strategy for the next five years

2020-2021: start of production and production;

2022: 200 million in revenue;

2023: 300 million in revenue;

2024: 400 million in revenue.

Runtai shares 2020 business goals-1118 plan

1 billion in output value, 1 billion in sales, 1 billion in revenue, and 80 million in profits.

Runtai Taixing's 2020 business goals-1888 plan

100 people, 80,000 tons of sales, 8 billion revenue, 80 million profits.