Talent idea

Runtai Chemical has always advocated humanized management, always adhered to the concept of "respecting, cultivating and achieving people", adhered to the concept innovation, system innovation, and created a "fair, just and open" atmosphere for the growth and competition of the talents.
1. A good judge of talents.
2. Large development space and platform.
3. Employees grow together with enterprises.
In Runtai, efforts will be rewarded. Here we offer unlimited growth and unlimited future for you!

Social recruitment

The company establishes a performance-oriented culture and salary system, uses post value assessment tools, and establishes a post value-oriented rank system. Different positions and categories of salary positioning, reflecting the concept of salary resources moderately tilted to the core functions.

1.Free working meals and work clothes

2.industrial injury consolation gold

3.All kinds of paid holidays

4.Festival red envelopes and gifts

5.Social insurance

6.Birthday gift

7.High temperature subsidies and labor protection supplies

8.Daily care

Campus Recruitment

Runtai Chemical provides employees with a broad development platform and space to enable employees to fully develop their capabilities and discover their potential.
1.Professional training: production, marketing, manpower, finance, research and development, etc.
2.Hierarchical management training: senior management training, middle management training, continuous cadre training
3.Pre-job training: new employee induction training, newcomer training