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Public welfare idea

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Make charity a habit
Runtai Co., Ltd. adheres to the public welfare concept of “Enthusiastic Public Welfare and Giving Back to the Society”, actively fulfilling corporate social responsibility and supporting social welfare undertakings. Since its inception, it has actively responded to various public welfare activities in the society and has built it into a long-lasting brand of cultural and public welfare activities. It has received continuous attention and recognition from the society for many years.
The company pays attention to the cultivation of public welfare concepts of employees, encourages employees to pay attention to the society, and calls on employees to actively participate in various charitable activities and do their part for the social groups that need help. Employees are the executors of corporate social responsibility and the inheritors of the public welfare culture. They advocate that employees strive to achieve their careers while undertaking the social obligations and responsibilities of citizens through public welfare.
Committed to the promotion of corporate public welfare concept, we hope that through unremitting efforts, more social groups that need charity assistance will be cared for and help, and we hope to attract more enterprises and individuals to join the public welfare through the company's long-lasting, stable and professional public welfare platform. To make charity a habit.