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RTC®DEP Diethyl phthalate


Chemical formula and molecular weight:

● Chemical formula:C12H14O4

● Molecular weight:222.24

● CAS RN:84-66-2


Quality index:

Item Index
Superior product Qualified product
Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
Color (Pt-Co)  ≤   15 30
Content %  ≥ 99 98.5
Acid value (as phthalic acid)%   ≤  0.01 0.01
Moisture %      ≤  0.1 0.2


Performance and uses:

● The product is colorless, transparent and oily liquid, with a little aromatic flavor. Viscosity is 13 CP (20℃), refractive index is 1.499~1.502 (20℃).

● The company has favorable compatibility with vinyl resin, cellulose and most resins.

● The product can be used as spice diluent, lubricant, GC stationary liquid, and etc.


Packing, storage, transportation and safety:

● Packing:50kg plastic drum, 230kg plastic drum, 230kg iron drum, 1200kg IBC drum

● Storage:Keep in dry and well-ventilated warehouse. To protect from rain and collision during transportation.

● Safety:The product is not included in dangerous chemicals, thus it is stored and transported a non-dangerous article.

Notes: for industrial use only, not available for children's toys and food additives.