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RTC®DMP Dimethyl phthalate


Chemical formula and molecular weight:

● Chemical formula: C10H10O4

● Molecular weight:194.19

● CAS RN:131-11-3


Quality index:

Item Index
Superior product Qualified product
Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
Color (Pt-Co)  ≤   15 30
Content %  ≥ 99 98.5
Acid value (as phthalic acid)%   ≤  0.01 0.015
Moisture %      ≤  0.1 0.2


Performance and uses:

● The product is colorless, transparent and oily liquid. Boiling point is 282℃, freezing point is 2℃, refractive index is 1.516 (20℃).

● The product has good compatibility with celluosic resin, rubber, and vinyl resin.

● The product is widely used as solvent for methyl ethyl ketone peroxide and fluorine-containing anticorrosive coating.

● This product can also be used as plasticizer for cellulose acetate fiber and other resins, as solvent for mosquito repellent, or as organic synthetic intermediate, etc.


Packing, storage, transportation and safety:

● Packing:50kg plastic drum, 230kg plastic drum, 230kg iron drum, 1200kg IBC drum

● Storage:Keep in dry and well-ventilated warehouse. To protect from rain and collision during transportation.

● Safety:The product is not included in dangerous chemicals, thus it is stored and transported anon-dangerous article.

Notes: for industrial use only, not available for children's toys and food additives.