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RTC®-300 Filming aid


Quality index:

Item Index
Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
Color (Pt-Co)   ≤   1.5
Acid value mgKOH/g  ≤ 0.5
Moisture %  ≤ 0.2


Performance and uses:

● This product is a high-boiling, low-odor, environmentally friendly filming aid.

● The product has a suitable volatilization rate, low water solubility, good hydrolytic stability, and is easily absorbed by the polymer emulsion particles, and can form an excellent continuous coating film.

● This product has good compatibility with most polymer emulsions and high film forming efficiency, which can effectively improve the coalescence, leveling, weather resistance, scrub resistance, adhesion and low temperature development of latex coatings.

● This product can be used directly, and slowly added to the film-forming system under appropriate agitation conditions.



● The amount added is 5-10% of the amount of the emulsion in the formulation, and the amount added is controlled not to exceed 12% of the amount of the emulsion.


Packaging, storage and safety:

● Packing specification: net weight 25kg, 50kg, 200kg, 950kg.

● Storage: Store in a dry and ventilated place indoors, and prevent violent impact and rain during transportation.

● Safety: This product is stored and transported as non-dangerous goods.